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5 Developer Notes

5.1 mtPixyUtils

mtPixyUtils is a collection of command line programs to manipulate image files. Here is a list of the programs provided:

Program Description
pixyls List image file information.
pixynew Create a new image.
pixyresize Resize an image.
pixyscale Scale an image.
pixyutils Main program which can be run directly or by using a symlink.

For more detailed information use:

  man pixyutils

5.2 mtPixyCLI

mtPixyCLI is a program that provides image editing functionality via a Command Line Interface (CLI). It offers exactly the same functions as the GUI based mtPixy, but instead uses text commands.

Both GUI's and CLI's have value, and allow particular jobs to be done more efficiently. For example I use mtPixyCLI as part of the testing phase before I release the whole mtCellEdit suite. I have created a number of tests in the form of scripts which test each part of the core libraries. This exposes any problems that may have crept into the code, and is a good form of regression testing.

5.2.1 Commands

mtPixyCLI reads instructions from the user via GNU Readline. This offers useful interactive facilities like using the up and down arrows to access previous commands.

It is also possible to run a script from the command line like these examples:

  cat script.txt | mtpixycli
  mtpixycli < script.txt
  mtpixycli < script.txt > log.txt 2>&1

Here is the complete list of commands that mtPixyCLI accepts:

Command Arguments Notes
canvas flip_h Flip canvas horizontally
canvas flip_v Flip canvas vertically
canvas indexed <DITHER none | basic | floyd> Convert canvas from RGB to Indexed
canvas rgb Convert canvas from Indexed to RGB
canvas rotate_a Rotate canvas anticlockwise
canvas rotate_c Rotate canvas clockwise
clip flip_h Flip clipboard horizontally
clip flip_v Flip clipboard vertically
clip load <1..12> Load clipboard from disk
clip rotate_a Rotate clipboard anticlockwise
clip rotate_c Rotate clipboard clockwise
clip save <1..12> Save clipboard to disk
copy Copy the selection to the clipboard
crop Crop the image canvas to the selection
cut Cut the selection to the clipboard
delete alpha Remove the alpha channel
effect bacteria <STRENGTH 1..100> Indexed canvas only
effect edge_detect RGB canvas only
effect emboss RGB canvas only
effect invert
effect sharpen <STRENGTH 1..100> RGB canvas only
effect soften <STRENGTH 1..100> RGB canvas only
effect trans_color <GAMMA -100..100> <BRIGHTNESS -100..100> <CONTRAST -100..100> <SATURATION -100..100> <HUE -1529..1529> <POSTERIZE 1..8> Transform the canvas colour
fill Fill the current selection
floodfill <X 0..> <Y 0..>
help [ARG]... Get help on these commands
info Print information about this image
lasso Lasso the current selection
load <OS FILENAME> Load a file from disk
new <WIDTH 1..32767> <HEIGHT 1..32767> <rgb | indexed> Create a new image
outline Draw an outline around the current selection
paint < <X 0..> <Y 0..> >... Paint a straight line between these points
palette color <INDEX 0..255> <RED 0..255> <GREEN 0..255> <BLUE 0..255> Set a palette colour
palette del_unused Remove unused palette items. Indexed canvas only.
palette from_canvas Create palette from the colours on the canvas. RGB canvas which has up to 256 colours only.
palette gradient Create a palette gradient from colour A to B
palette load <OS FILENAME> Load a palette from a GPL file
palette mask all Mask all palette items
palette mask index <0..255> Mask this palette item
palette merge_dups Merge duplicate palette items. Indexed canvas only.
palette move <FROM INDEX 0..255> <TO INDEX 0..255> Move a palette item
palette quantize Quantize the image to the palette. RGB canvas only.
palette save <OS FILENAME> Save palette to a GPL file
palette set <uniform | balanced> <2..6> Create a new palette
palette size <2..255> Set the palette size
palette sort <START 0..255> <FINISH 0..255> <hue | saturation | value | min | brightness | red | green | blue | frequency > [reverse] Sort the palette as per the criteria given
palette unmask all Unmask all palette items
palette unmask index <0..255> Unmask this palette item
paste <X -32766..> <Y -32766..> Paste the clipboard here on the canvas
q Quit the program
quit Quit the program
resize <X -32766..32767> <Y -32766..32767> <WIDTH 1..32767> <HEIGHT 1..32767> Resize the canvas
save Save the file
save as <OS FILENAME> [ <FILE TYPE bmp | png | jpeg | gif> [ COMPRESSION 0..9 | 0..100 ] ] Save the file as per the criteria
save undo <OS FILENAME> Save undo images
scale <WIDTH 1..32767> <HEIGHT 1..32767> [smooth] Scale the canvas
select all Select the whole canvas
select polygon < <X 0..> <Y 0..> >... Select a polygon on the canvas
select rectangle <X 0..> <Y 0..> <WIDTH 1..> <HEIGHT 1..> Select a rectangle on the canvas
set brush flow <1..1000>
set brush pattern <0..>
set brush shape <0..>
set brush spacing <0..100>
set color a <0..255> Set colour A from the palette index
set color b <0..255> Set colour B from the palette index
set color swap Swap colour A and B
set file <0..4> Set the current file in memory
text <STRING> <FONT NAME> <FONT SIZE 1..100> [bold] [italic] [underline] [strikethrough] Put this text into the clipboard

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