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Appendix A - Miscellaneous

A.1 Limitations

As with all software, mtPixy has some limitations. In some cases any attempt to overcome these limitations would invalidate the purpose and philosophy of the project. Therefore I am documenting these limitations in order to explain the policy decisions I have taken. However, mtPixy is free software so if anyone disagrees then they are free to fork the code and implement their own ideas.

I regard mtPixy as feature complete so I do not plan to add any new features. However I am always happy to tweak things here and there to make the tool more useful. If you think there are some areas of the project that need improvement please contact me.

A.1.1 Localization

mtPixy is entirely written in English. It should be possible to translate to any other language, but I do not have those skills so somebody else will have to do that work.

A.2 Supported File Types

BMP Load/Save uncompressed RGB/Indexed Palettes are only saved with indexed images.
GIF Load/Save Indexed Palettes are always saved with the image.
GPL Load/Save Palettes
JPEG Load/Save RGB Palettes are not saved.
PNG Load/Save RGB/Indexed Palettes are always saved with the image. Alpha channels can be loaded, saved, removed, but not edited.

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